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Clan Blazing Archers

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Clan Blazing Archers(BA) is the best clan on

Our Mission

The purpose of this site is to allow anyone you wants to join a clan know about the best clan on For Members already in BA the purpose is to let you know of events.

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Becoming a Member

1)If you want to join our clan go to channel:public chat BA
2) Then, we will try you out, to see if your good enough.

       Organization News

BA-archers:100th win-5/6/02                     
BA-grimkilla: got bot-5/7/02
BA-andy: bot broke-5/8/02
BA-andy: fixed bot-5/12/02
BA-andy:100th win-5/13/02
BA-badass:50th win-5/19/02
BA-grimkilla: 50th win-5/17/02
BA-nelly:50th win-5/9/02
BA-warriorblade:50th win-5/11/02

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